Arsenal were Great

Along with the Ac.Milan of the 1990s, the team of Arsenal during the season of 2004-05 is highly regarded as one of the best teams to grace a playing field as they went through their season undefeated.

Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkmap played a pivotal part in this team and compared that squad to Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona. On a section of his autobiography he stated that the team came close on rewriting football.

“What Arsène said about me trying to reach perfection was true for the whole team at that time. We were really close to perfection.

“Thierry mentioned that feeling of going on to the pitch knowing you are going to win. Yes, that’s what it was like. It was fantastic. You knew exactly where to put the ball. You knew exactly what kind of run the other players would make for you, because you knew what they were thinking.”
A noticeable piece of silverware that the team failed on collecting was the Champions League and due to this fact they received critiscm from Liverpool and Manchester United as they say that it separates them from truly being one of the greatest teams of all time.

“For me, there are lots of great teams, but they don’t all rewrite football. Of course, Manchester United was a big team, but what did they do different to what other teams had done before?”

Dennis Bergkamp played with Arsenal during the years 1995-2006 becoming an iconic player and considered to be one of the greatest players of his generation. Those were his recent statements as he talked about the club he played in for the majority of his career and hoping their recent burst at the top of the Premier League can initiate a new wave of success for Arsenal.