The Arsenal midfielder Denilson, who is currently on loan at the Brazilian club São Paulo, has said that he is extremely confident that his team will be able to achieve qualification to the 2013 Copa Libertadores with a win over Vasco da Gama. São Paulo will be taking on Vasco da Gama looking to seal a place in the South American equivalent of the Champions League next season. The 24-year-old midfielder has been one of the impressive players for São Paulo this season. He is hoping to help his team qualify for this prestigious competition with a win over Vasco da Gama.

Denilson will be coming into the match on the back off a great confidence inspiring goal Palmeiras during the weekend. Denilson is not known for scoring a lot of goals, but he scored a fantastic long-range effort in this match to make everyone take notice of him. As a result of the goal against Palmeiras, São Paulo finally brought an end to the poor away form that they have been experiencing over the last few months. Denilson has said that the team will be taking the Vasco da Gama as a home match rather than an away match.

“We have to try to do what we have been doing forever at Morumbi. Playing with joy, taking responsibility, helping each other. If we show it on the pitch, we’ll come out with the victory. No way, São Paulo plays to win. It’s a key game, we know that Vasco has strong team, but yes we are able to go to São Januário and seek victory,” said the midfielder ahead of this match. It is not known whether Denilson will be recalled to the Arsenal team following the end of this second loan spell with the Brazilian club after January.