Mesut Ozil’s switch from Real Madrid to Arsenal was a shocking one to say the very least. Just as everyone was expecting Arsene Wenger to keep a low profile on the transfer market he goes on and signs the German midfielder from the Spanish club and while he did make an impact as soon as he joined Arsenal, his presence is now being faded away.

In the last 5 matches of Arsenal in the Premier League, Ozil has been featured as a main starter on 2 occasions but he has failed to make his presence being felt. During those matches he was added into the starting lineup of Wenger, he has failed on either scoring or creating assists for his teammates, even so that the German midfielder could not even complete all 90 minutes of the match and had to be substituted out.

Arsene Wenger recently said that fans are expecting too much of Ozil and that the player needs time to fully adapt playing in a new team and new league for him.

“Sometimes people expect him to make the difference alone,” he said. “Sometimes when it doesn’t work you expect him to take the ball and put it in the net. He is more a passer than a finisher’’.

“Goal scoring is one of the things he can add to his game for sure. It doesn’t need to be criticized, it needs to be encouraged. I think as well that the consistency of the quality of his passing slowly drains the opponent as he passes always the ball when you do not want him to do it. That slowly allows us to take over’’.

“He is 25, he can only get better. The best years are coming for him now.”

Ozil played a huge part in Real Madrid’s campaign and he is expected to do the same with Arsenal especially considering his price tag of €50 million.