São Paulo, SP, 22 (AFI) – The 5-2 thrashing by Chelsea applied over São Paulo, in Maracanã, late on Wednesday, surprised by the elastic result and also the technical Muricy Ramalho. After valid for the sixth round of the Championship game, the coach said that the team from did a great first half, but ‘stopped’ in the final step and become dominated.

Sao Paulo sustained a huge blow when playing against Fluminense as the final scoreboard of the match displayed 5-2 with the home team cruising to a relatively simple win.

Rogerio Ceni gave Sao Paulo the early lead as he scored through a penalty kick at the 26th minute but Walter equalizer the encounter however a few seconds just before the conclusion of the first half, Alexandre Pato rescued the goal advantage as the former Ac.Milan player turned the score 2-1.

Fluminense returned to the pitch firing from all cylinders as they pressured upfront and goals from Wagner, Rafael Sobis, Walter and an own goal from Silva Alfonso secured the victory for the hosts.

The head coach of Sao Paulo, Muricy Ramalho expressed his emotions and shock about the outcome of the match as he talked to reporters and said:

‘’It’s hard to explain, the game was really all in our favor in the first half, we dominated the ball, but in the second half everything changed, but there are things in football that are unable to explain. We came back with the thought of not letting Fluminense play but in the second half they surely deserved to win. The team just stopped, I do not know what happened Fluminense just took over’’ Muricy Ramalho stated.

The season is just starting and Sao Paulo is located in the upper section of the Brazilian league, the Brasileirao. The side of Ramalho still have the chance of winning the league title with more than 30 matches left to be played.