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Denilson on Arsenal title chances

Former Arsenal midfielder Denilson believes that Arsenal has a great chance of winning the title this season.

He said that they finished the season strongly last season and that the players will be looking to continue in the same way this season.

The Brazilian midfielder believes that the change of formation towards the end of the season has been beneficial for the Gunners and he feels that they will be using the same formation this season. He said that this provides them better defensive stability and that they are less likely to concede goals on counter attacks.

The midfielder said that the new players that Arsene Wenger has signed would bring some additional firepower to the attack as well as cover in the defense. This will be a welcome addition to a team that has been lacking goals in some crucial games last season.

Denilson has urged fans to remain behind the team and to trust Arsene Wenger. He said that he understands their position and that they want to challenge for the title, but he believes that there is no guarantee that they will be challenging for the title with a new manager.

He said that the fans should analyses what happened with Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City. They have brought in new managers and that they are very far from winning the title.

He admitted that this season would be a tough one with all the other big teams strengthening, but he feels that Arsenal has a great chance of clinching the title especially with the fact that they will not be participating in the Champions League.

Denilson believes that it is important for them to make a good start to the season and to take each game one after the other without putting pressure on themselves.

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