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Tite has denied that he is responsible for the axing of Rogerio Micale

Tite has denied that he is responsible for the axing of Rogerio Micale who had guided the Selecao junior team to the gold medal in the last year’s home Olympics.

It was rumoured that the two gentlemen were not able to build a smooth working relationship because of which the Brazilian federation had to show Micale the door.

Micale also, after being handed the axe, had hinted Tite did not let him get as much credit as he deserved for the Rio glory and instead credited himself for that.

Micale had admitted that Tite provided him some tips ahead of the Olympics, but, had insisted that the gold medal was the output of the long process that he and his staff carried out for twelve months and not of those few tips only.

Tite agreed with Micale saying that whatever Brazil achieved in Rio, it was all down to the support staff of that team and since Micale was the head of the support staff, credit should go to him and that’s something he has always maintained.

Tite didn’t choose to criticize Micale for what he stated about him and actually praised him as someone who is an amazing coach and whom a lot of sides around the world would be interested to hire I Love Man City.

As per Tite, it’s not only Micale whom he used to talk to from time to time, he talks to the coaches of the other Brazilian junior teams as well, to the coaches of the Under 15 and Under 17 teams, because that’s what happens in a set up. The coach of the senior team talks to the coaches of the junior team, but, he never tries to interfere with anyone’s authority and never looks to control them because that’s not right.