Neymar Will Only Be A Superstar Once Brazil Reaches Glory

The manager of Brazil national football team, Dunga, has said that Neymar would get to become Superstar only when he makes his country reach glory in the World Cup.

According to Dunga, there is no doubt about Neymar being the best striker in the country at the moment, but, the Barcelona man is yet to achieve the status of a star player.

Talking to the reporters yesterday, the Selecao boss said, “I think nobody would hesitate in admitting that Neymar is the best forward that we have got right now, but, I would not say that he’s a superstar and that’s simply because he doesn’t have a World Cup title under his belt. You’ve got to be a World Cup winner to be able to become a superstar. That’s what I think.”

Dunga is also of the view that to put all the blame of Brazil’s embarrassing defeat against Germany in the World Cup Round of 4 on the previous team management is not fair.

When asked about Luiz Felipe Scolari, the previous Brazil manager, Dunga said, “Look, we are a passionate football nation and that’s why we criticize players and managers to the extremes whenever something wrong happens, but, sometimes you need to accept that the opposition was way better on the day.”

“The German players were just sensational. The moment they got their first goal, they were all over us like a rash. As far as Scolari is concerned, I believe he’s a champion and we should show a lot of respect towards him.”

Dunga’s second stint as Brazil coach will start next month as his team takes on Ecuador and Colombia.

Ecuador might be slightly easier to beat, but, Colombia would, in all likelihood, make the Selecao lose a bit of sweat.