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If you see the premier division of any big Footballing country, you can say these are the teams which will fight for the title and these are the teams which will fight not to be demoted.

Yes, there is always a Leicester City here and there to surprise you occasionally, but, to a very large extent; it’s easy to pick the title contenders and the demotion candidates.

But, perhaps Brazil is the only country, where the top tier tournament is so unpredictable that you just don’t know who will end up winning the title and who will end up getting demoted because both of the things can happen to any team.

Sao Paulo FC, the club where Denilson got his Football education in his boyhood in the early nineties, is a club which has had the top-tier honours six times in Brazil. They actually had it three Seasons in a row in the last decade and even last time, they stood 4th in the standings when the season wrapped up, but, presently, they are a demotion candidate in the 2016 season. Their productivity of the last five matches has been a grand total of 2 points and that too only through unconvincing draws.

It was learnt after the Santos defeat that the an emergency meeting was held among the stakeholders and all the stakeholders asked the chairman to axe the manager Gomes that night itself, but, the chairman vetoed them giving Gomes one last go on 17th of October when he will take the team to the Brazilian capital Rio to take on Fluminense.

The chairman is believed to have made a promise to the stakeholders that if the team comes off pointless that day too as they came off against Santos, it will mark the end of Gomes in Sao Paulo colours.

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