Brazil will not win the title

Brazilian player Denilson believes that it will be difficult for the national team to win the World Cup. He said that although the team has improved a lot since their last World Cup, there are so many teams that are better than them.

He believes that Germany, Spain, and France have the better sides and that it will be difficult for the Brazil side to win the title. He said that there are so many young players in the team and that they lack the experience when it comes to participating in a big competition.

He said that Germany are the favorites as they have the experience of winning such tournaments and that they have so many players that are at the peak of their career. He believes Spain also has a good team and that they will be difficult to beat in Russia.

Denilson said that Brazil has some good players such as Neymar and Coutinho but they still have to learn how to defend. He believes that the weakness of the current team is that they have no good players in defence and that this can become a problem when they faced the stronger sides.

Denilson believes that the team can reach the quarter-final at most and that everything that comes after that will be a bonus. However, he admitted that football is not a science and that you never know what can happen.

He said that in 2002 France was the favorite to win the tournament and yet they were eliminated in the first round. He knows that the Brazilian players are ready for the challenge and that they will be doing their best in order to win the tournament.

He said that this will be an open World Cup where so many teams can win it.

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