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Denilson Is Miffed With Chile

Denilson is supposed to steal more balls in the Championship of Brazil. As far as the defense of Sao Paulo is concerned he is the guardian of defense.

He believes that the red card was purely not justified in his entire career. He has tasted anger accordingly. From all quarters self criticism is flowing on as he was kicked out but his rating was intact. He has so far got rid of the fouls and his companions praise him for it. In the beginning he was not shown much respect but it is astonishing that after that he started to be looked upon as being honoured. After the unruly incident he knows what he has to do and what he has to discard from his nature.

He knows where his commitment lies and hence goes to the ground before the practice even starts as opposed to his early routine when he used to arrive late by 10 minutes. Now he realizes the importance of time when he failed to do what he wanted to and life has given him second chance to prove himself. At times he even goes one hour before to prepare himself for the training. The strengthening of muscles by him is what he does religiously and he does not miss out on any opportunity. The phase is not correct but he is trying to dig deep and take out all the positives that he can from the situation.

He is an opportunist and is trying harder to make every day of his count effectively. His second son will soon come to life. He has a happy family with his wife and one son and now soon his second so is going to arrive which will double his happiness in no time. The moment is crucial for him.

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