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Arsene Wenger: ‘’Arsenal can win the Premier League’’

Arsenal is a club that for the past few years has always managed to seal a top 5 spot in the Premier League but they have been struggling trying to actually claim the first place. The last time that the team of Arsene Wenger managed to win the league was during the 2003-04 season where they did not lose a single match but this was over 10 years ago.

That was a pretty long time ago and ever since that historic season, Arsenal has been faltering in their journey of becoming the champions of England but Arsene Wenger believes that this might just be the season where their Premier League title drought reaches it’s end.

“I believe that we are mature enough and that we have the requested quality to fight and compete. The most important thing is to feel, at the end of the season, that we have given absolutely everything to be successful.After that, if somebody has been better than us, we will accept it, but we want to fight to show that we have a chance. I will remind you that only one team won the league without losing a game. That is Arsenal Football Club. It is not the date New Year’s Day that is decided you win the league’’ Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger said.

If there is something that has always troubled Arsene Wenger is the vast amount of injuries that his players sustain consistently throughout an entire season. This is one of the major issues that hinders Arsenal’s chances of making a genuine charge for the top spot of the Premier League and this season has been no different as Wenger has had a few of his key players unable to play in important games.

Alexis Sanchez, Jack Wilshere, MikelArteta, Francis Coquelin, Danny Welbeck, SantiCazorla, and Tomas Rosicky are the players who have been missing out from games due to injuries but in the absence of these performers, there have been other players who have managed to step it up and push Arsenal forward. This is the case of MesutOzil and Olivier Giroud who have been at the forefront in the attacking department of Arsenal. The Frenchman is the top goal-scorer of the club and Ozil is the main playmaker. PetrCech is also doing an amazing job in between the posts and a few other players have also been able to show their worth.

Arsene Wenger stated that Arsenal can win the Premier League and they might just do it in this season. After all those years of finishing in either 3rd or 4th place, this is Arsenal’s chance to make it happen and Wenger has what it takes to do it with his team.


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