26 thoughts on “DENILSON Pereira Neves [#15] — Rising Arsenal Midfield STAR

  1. had such potential but a underachiever..maybe wenger will give him a second chance this new season.if they dnt sell or loan him out

  2. 3:23 Ohh what a good run, oh wait… Instead of cutting inside or outside to get behind the defence, I’ll fall over scared.

  3. my gosh he cant peak at all if i had the training facilities he has at Arsenal i would almost be a WORLD CLASS player right now who signed him!!!!!!

  4. @bluemoonmanchester
    You really know nothing about football, you know nothing about your own club history, and you don’t even know where manchester is. Go finger your dead nan.

  5. @bluemoonmanchester
    wow you don’t even know your own history LMFAO, you haven’t won a cup in about 34-35 years, not 30 years. Apparrently you’re from Malaysia, do you even know where Manchester is? Did you just see that Manchester were invested heavily so you thought you’d jump on the bandwagon, because now they have money, they will be successful, like chelsea? The fact that you’re celebrating about winning an argument on the internet shows you must have a really productive life. Don’t cry.

  6. @Bluemoonmanchester some glory fan is pretending to know his stuff. I bet you didn’t even know who viera was when he joined. Typical…. I’d rather support arsenal, n have history, style but also struggle than support city, 10 at the back, no real history. You will always be in Utd’s shadow.

  7. @Volentrix owe, did I hurt your feelings noob? They actually won something in just 3 years while you noob can’t win anything for 6 years. City won Fa Cup even in 30 years, while until today, arsenal can’t win nothing yet and i was looking forward to them no winning anything for a long time to come too LOL. Manchester city 3rd, arsenal 4th, so i can conclude that city is better than arsenal today, LOL pwned ya. owned your whole family which are dwarfs, losers, jealous pricks retards LOL XD

  8. @bluemoonmanchester
    Hypocrite. You’re whining on about us not winning anything for 6 years, but then you start crying if someone says you haven’t won anything in over 30 years, dry your eyes. and really, ‘noob’ what are you, 12? grow up.

  9. @bluemoonmanchester
    well done you were higher than us, and you managed to qualify for the champions league, even though you will be knocked out.. Sorry, but Arsenal being called a ‘greedy’ player club by a man city fan is like bendtner saying that messi is shit. Man city are one of the greediest clubs out there, alongside real madrid and chelsea a few years back.
    I’ve got nothing against man city, and i respect them for their determination, but man city will always be in man united’s shadows.

  10. @Volentrix Arsenal – 4th, nothing
    City – 3th, Champions League

    The next seasons will definetly show the collapes of arsenal completely after cesc fabregas so despretely wanna leave a shit cupless greedy player club for good. i support you cesc ;P

  11. @Volentrix hey noob, since when sheikh bought city? its like a few years ago and city is amazing to won the world oldest competition cup in just like 3 years. And city too won a cup in just 3 years technically. I hate people blamming those last 30 years to city, but those 6 seasons arsenal shit years, can’t blame on anyone but themselves. And you call yourself a world-wide class football club, my ass you dumbass prick. 6 Seasons without anything is really shit, arsenal should be relegated ;P

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