27 thoughts on “Denilson Pereira Neves ‘Arsenal’s Silently Effective Brazilian’

  1. o timassso do sao paulo ::rogerio ceni,piris;rodolfo, xandão;juan;denilson,cicero,cañete,lucas;dagoberto e fabuloso……..tem pra ninguem

  2. this is not true! Denilson is the worst player in the premier league! I’m so glad that he left Arsenal.

  3. Veremos ele pela “primeira vez”, pois quando foi para o Arsenal mau jogou por aqui, de toda forma, seja bem vindo!

  4. e noiiss denilson fez otimo trabalho no arsenal agora e nois no melhor time do brasil!!!

  5. Bem vindo ao São Paulo, Vai jogar junto com Rivaldo, Fabuloso e o prodigio Lucas. SEGURAA GAMBAA!!!!

  6. agora ele é do maior do mundo, voltou pra casa, sinto que 2012 so vai da o TRICOLOR! s2

  7. (Continued) the gym, technically our players our good, but if you look at teams like Man Utd, Chelsea, or man shitty, they seem to instruct their players to fill out more. Not that it’s always good being too physically strong in football, bcos it can take some agility and speed away from ones attributes. But I do believe we lack a lot of strength in midfield, or in defence. So a few handful of powerhouses at Arsenal wouldn’t hurt right now.

  8. It’s a shame he hasn’t proved himself at Arsenal yet. After all these years being patient. Not saying that he is a terrible player. But it seems he has difficulties in adjusting to the premier league and Arsenals way if playing, with it’s physical style of the game in the EPL. Maybe he’ll be good in spain, where players have more time on the ball. It’s all about Wilshere and Ramsey, who seem much more confident on the ball. Frimpong has also the potential to be a great DMF. Unless Denilson hits

  9. my gosh he cant peak at all if i had the training facilities he has at Arsenal i would almost be a WORLD CLASS player right now who signed him!!!!!!

  10. Excuse me people, i’m not a Arsenal supporter but i love this player, anyone can tell me why all of you hate him? Really, i’m curious, i mean, i saw a lot of his matches and damn, nothing to say except: GREAT. I would like to know your point of view. Thanks ^.^

  11. @R6JHo Actually i have more knowledge than you about football. You think football is easy…. people have to train extremely hard every week to improve their passing shooting etc. Denilson is not the greatest player in the world. But he is quite a good football player. The fact that he even got the chance to play for Arsenal show u he’s decent enough. Being a lightweight doesn’t make u shit. Fabregas, Modric, Silva are all lightweights.

  12. @kevin084life HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this video is the best u could find on denilson. count how many times he’s on the floor (lightweight) how many of those shots wernt even goals. your knowledge of football is seriously weak u should get into cricket or bowls mate football aint ur thing. just another deluded supporter who only watches match of the day highlights and still thinks wengers gonna win us trophies with his shite signings denilson, fabianski, bendtner, koscielny, squillaci, vela…

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