8 thoughts on “Denilson pre-Chelsea exclusive

  1. A mixture of Gilberto Silva and Tomas Rosicky. Denilson is so under-rated, he is a really good player, doing quite well in the Brazilian League for Sa’o Paulo

  2. hahah he talks such nonsense. “after you lost” lol fantastic player!

  3. he’s not perfect. but he’s a gunner and i’d smash open someones boat race for him. goonerishly!

  4. Thanks for uploading this! My subscription to you looks even more promising than before 🙂

  5. Wow, im proud of Denilson. He’s picking up some good english it seems, even to the point were he can put things in his own words and not use cliche statements!! He reminds me of Gilberto Silva when he speaks 🙂

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