26 thoughts on “Denilson vs Atletico Goianiense

  1. what the shit is this? short passes tutorial…. seriously.. there are so many players who can do what he is doing man….get the ball .. pass it back to the nearest player to you…takes the pressure off you completely….. that is what denilson is good at doing..running away from pressure

  2. @CWDGunnereserves
    Don’t worry, people following the English league will never understand the brilliance of Denilson. His one and two-touch passing, his movement and his intelligence is incredible. Just look at his performance, and his link-up play with Cesc. versus Chelsea (3-1). He was the star of the show.

  3. @r4ndomduud when?? last season?? give me that statistic…can’t believe it before see it with my own eyes

  4. hahahaha. Statistics showed that Denilson passed the ball forward more often than XAVI OR INIESTA. Good job guys! (Y)

  5. it’ll be a cold day in hell before denilson makes a pass <75 degrees from the oppositions goal

  6. Despite the fact that he was played out of position as a defensive midfielder, his passing was horrible and lacked any form of creative spark, which an “arsenal player” is supposed to. He was slow, had badly timed challenges and passed the ball sideways all of the time. We have more talented guys in our youth ranks.

  7. in my opinion i think denilson is good playing 433 cm role not 4231 cdm role…

    he has passing ability and can shoot long range

  8. we dont need this shit anymore !!!
    Arsenal is a place for TALENTED footballers and sorry Denilson isnt that good .

  9. @CWDGunnereserves Also, you don’t have the most interceptions in a season, more tackles than Xabi Alonso, more assists, more goals, etc. if you are a shit player. He had that 1 very good season. His biggest problem was his attitude imo. Didn’t try hard enough and was exposed on counters

  10. @CWDGunnereserves

    A few seasons ago I thought Song and Denilson can do a job for us. Since then Song has improved while Denilson regressed. Hope this loan can improve him. He may still have a future at the Grove.

  11. denilson proved he was not top club level(Arsenal, Chelsea, Liver, Barca,Real,Bayern) but he could make it one day on a middle table team in Europe if he develops well. I think the slower pace in Brazil is good for him though and to be honest I think that is where he will play for awhile if not his whole career.

  12. @CWDGunnereserves Nah, he definitely would be a good squad player at Arsenal, this is one of the few compilations where a player has been so flawless, in terms of ball retention, even though it may be back passes or side passes is unrivalled. Most importantly, when he passes he puts them in a good position to receive them, he rarely endangers any players, in essence, if he can keep this steely calmness and improve his tackling, he would be both an unrivalled and unique player.

  13. nothing’s changed, I see. I hope he does well, but his play is too simplistic and predictable. I’m not blaming him for Arsenal’s failures, it’s just that there are so many more capable players who could be in the red and white, not Denilson who seems to have mastered the slow, sideways pass.

  14. Fact is if we won something knowbody would be complaining, I dont understand how people can blame someone who only made 6 league starts for Arsenal failure,
    Wait the Facts is coming;
    Denilson and the 2nd team started every Carling Cup match until we got to the finals and then ditch them for the 1st team, and they lost to Birmingham.
    Denilson and the 2nd team started every FA Cup match until we faced Man U, they got ditched only Denilson remained and we lost,
    how is it his fault that we failed?

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