25 thoughts on “Denilson Vs Spu*s Compilation by Benco

  1. denilson a top player give the kid a break he scored some very vital goals this season he destroyed the spuds here lol

  2. Because here he’s playing in a fabregas role. He plays his own role that wenger made for him, just search for Denilson vs Porto

  3. denilson is gonna be arsenal legend!
    unless he leaves and messes up his career like flamini and hleb did

  4. Denilson is the man for most games, but Song or Diaby against Chelsea/Pompey. They have some big guys in CM…

  5. The kid was absolute class in the Emirates Cup and played 90 mins two days in a row. Great passing and sat infront of the back 4 breaking up attacks. He will be our DM this season…

  6. I really like Denilson, the young Midfielder. He makes me proud to be an Arsenal fan. Also I am a midfielder myself and I am always searching for the next up and coming midfield maestro. Keep up great work Denilson ..Gunners for life.

  7. he holds very well.and i really like the way he turns his ‘holding’ into a counterattack for arsenal.I am really so proud to be a gooner.

  8. OMG!! I’ve just relised how good he really has,
    i no this is only 1 game but he is playing against premier league opposition and he played very well.
    at least we know at the least tht he can give cesc a rest every few games next season.
    good luck too you Denilson hope you become a arsenal legend

  9. I really like Denilson a lot but saying he is better than Anderson is being very biased. Denilson may eventually be betterm but currently Adnerson is considerably better.

  10. the future of arsenal along with fran mierda, carelos vela, theo walcott, fabregas.

  11. Was at that game, quality night and Denilson was a class act. I’m not sure he’s quite ready yet but I think Fabregas should be rested for Denilson on saturday against reading.

  12. congrats! very well made video… enjoyed it…. we have a CLASS player on our hands…

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