24 thoughts on “Denilson’s tackle on Messi

  1. because you can’t hit the ball and then do anything because you hit the ball. for starters there is foul play, in a fifty-fifty ball there are some ways you can’t dispute the ball, and getting in with the back of your feet towards the opponent is one of them.
    and then there is the scissor cut he gives messi’s leg after he played the ball, 2 separate movements and a dangerous tackle with messi running it could mean injury.
    i answered your question, anything else?

  2. Yes he does, albeit he hasn’t done recently and rarely did, He still has dove, He even got booked trying to get a penalty before.

  3. actually….he got the ball first…so it’s not the worst tackle…but he DID connect with him afterwards

  4. In Argentine wouldn’t be yellow, because Messi insist on putting the leg and accidentally put his leg between denilson’s legs. A lot of things could happen, messi hit denilson, jump him, but the true is that he put the leg there and denilson close the legs. But… if Denilson would leave the legs open, hit his testicles with messi’s leg… I think he blowed because of barça’s possesion of the ball.

  5. – Well, that’s what u think! You’re just as daft as the EPL!!

  6. – WTF?? A guy scoring 5 goals against one of the best German clubs in a Champions League match??… So do u call that overrated?? And many ex-great players are saying that Messi is the best they’ve seen! U r on drugs!! Beckham was the most overrated player I’ve ever known and from many know as well that. Now have I upset u or something??..

  7. I like how they play it just gets on my tit when they pull shit like this every game.

  8. Yeah the level of ridiculous diving in the game is a joke. 20 years back not even a foul. Now (and the fact that it is a Barca player) the refs go card crazy and decide to make the sport a right “pussy” game where the players would not last a minute against the real teams in the past!

  9. – It’s been that way since the Italians started it around 20-25 yrs ago, and then the British players, such as England and Scotland ones followed suit – as a form of cheating and then first did it by attention-seeking matters by looking up to the ref. The Poms have mentioned in the past that they don’t do it as a sign of cheating, but a way of “tactics”!! Tactics can be used in a way of cheating to better your opposition, in an illegitimate/illegal sense! This is FACT!!

  10. – Very true & FACT! What is happening now is that FIFA is trying to outlaw the sliding tackle, as it can permanently injure the attacking player. And so it shuld! In Barcelona’s book, they are told not to use such tactics about the sliding tackle. Even at the La Masia!! That’s why they have great coaches as well. Most clubs are jealous not only of what Barca’s achieved, but what they’ve produced in players as well. Even Real takes notice, but wants to maim a player of Messi’s talent.

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