26 thoughts on “Fifa 11 – ‘ 15K DREAM TEAM ‘ Episode 2 (Ultimate Team)

  1. Balotelli I got him for 4000 coins leg sold him for 15000 sumhow got a promo and got kaka and IF tevez 89

  2. 84 IF Balotelli is a beast! I got him for a bargain price of 19750 at 2 in the morning, hes been selling for 35k minimum

  3. @antoholland if u do this Get alexander Pato and hulk Hulk has one of the best free kicks in the game his balls loft and Geovanni has a beast free kick

  4. @OOzilEyesAreScary I think he meant Nilmar… There is no Neymar if you want to check Nilmar is Chelsea Neymar is Santos in the Brazillian League.

  5. I want a whole goal keeper team, bronze or silver or gold i don’t care, what ever is cheaper, that would be my number video ever!

  6. got him for 1800 which i think is still a bargain im looking to swap him for hernandez

  7. Anto check my 90k dream team vid out please 🙂 and i got balotelli for 800-900coins and he can finish

  8. Fifa 11 CORRUPT ONLINE PASS – FIX!! on my channel! works for everyone just follow the simple 1 minute guide on how to get it sorted! Thanks everyone!

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