14 thoughts on “So Sorry HD – Arsenal 05/06-10/11

  1. this makes me hate arsenal, makes feel like i dont want to support them anymore…………..but then agian how can i? i just love this club tooo much its just..how i am…

  2. @jayjaylikewah “Sorry so Sorry” by Howie Day is the name of the song (I think) for this video. And yes, it’s very depressing and frustrating if you’re an Arsenal fan watching this.

  3. and yet this club doesnt deserve this agony. koscielny, i feel sorry for truly. but almunia needs to just leave now, he has no shame.

  4. @jayjaylikewah yes but we arent getting relegated and not lying mid table. i think its fun at least to be challenging heavy for titles and cups. we need to realise we could be so worse off

  5. It’s frustrating being an arsenal fan; but you got to love this incredible team. All us fans can do is have faith in arsene wenger to build a team that will bring the days of the early 2000’s back

  6. This video only shows that everything what we need are experiences, defence and goalkeeper. After what Almunia did he should never be our number one!

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