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Aaron Ramsey scored the only goal of Arsenal’s match against Burnley

Aaron Ramsey scored the only goal of Arsenal’s match against Burnley and this victory represented much more than just 3 points as this was the 8th successive triumph of Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger and his players are going through a superb form as the team is positioned in the top 3 spots of the Premier League. Not too long ago it was Manchester City the team that was located in 2nd place but the team of Manuel Pellegrini fell down a few spots after losing against Manchester United.

This allowed Arsenal to leap into the higher positions of the top tier English League.

Even though Arsene Wenger is well aware of the impressive string of performances that Arsenal has been displaying, the French manager does not want to get caught up in the title race and he just wants to focus on continuing the season one match at a time.

Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger said: “I have enough experience to know that I have to live with reality and reality is points and the next game. The dreams are for everybody we all have dreams at night, but when I wake up in the morning I have to come here and make sure we give everything to win the next game. Chelsea have a difficult schedule, we have a difficult schedule, but what we can only do is master our own schedule.”

The 65 year old French manager does not want to give a false sense of confidence to his players and the supporters of Arsenal. Chelsea still remain being the favorites on winning the Premier League title in this season and Wenger is aware that Jose Mourinho and his team have the control of the league at this point in time.

Even if Arsenal does continue their impressive form and win their remaining matches of the season, Chelsea can still manage to emerge as the champions of England if they are able to not drop points.


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