25 thoughts on “PES 2010 – Denilson Goal in Arsenal vs Chelsea [HD]

  1. that patch is PeS Romania. adds chelsea’s new season kit, romanian leagues, they think of bundeliga, and many more(Even new referees). so for romanians this is a must-have for pes

  2. why,if you have pes 2010,you put in your video the song of fifa 10???However,the goal is not beautifoul

  3. fantastic – definately a quality game who else is testing bad company 2? 🙂 Plenty of sites offer beta copies, most reliable is BetaTestGamers though! woop woop!

  4. yea but i kno, u have to have xbox live but i don have i jus kno buuh im gettin it soon 🙂

  5. @MrTadhgMurphy
    Yeah, Just Liverpool and Man Utd are licensed. This dude somehow got a patch, so he got the real English teams. For PC it should be easy to get that patch, but I still don’t know how to get it on X360 🙁

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